Critical thinking has importance in each and every phase of life. It improves your personal and professional life. By thinking critically, you can find truths and facts which others cannot get. 

What can critical thinking do for you?

This is the question most of us ask. There are various benefits of critical thinking. By critically analyzing any situation, you can go deep in the roots of the problem which gives you a better solution.

Critical thinking is the way to save time efforts, money and resources and get an effective solution. 

Can critical thinking be developed?

Yes, critical thinking can be made better by some of the exercises and ways. You can use do these exercises to enhance critical thinking skills in everyday life. They are as under:

1.) Try understanding the concept to kids 

Critical thinking means analysis and complete observation of the situation in order to understand it. When you are able to explain the concepts to kids with the age of 6 or 7 years, it is then you will become a better thinker. You need to make the concepts simpler and easier when it comes to explaining them to kids. 

Trying this method will make you understand the situation and problem well. You can then get a better solution.

2.) Silent conversation 

Many students do not participate in classroom sessions. This exercise will enhance the critical thinking skills of non-participating students. All you need to do it to divide the class into two groups. You have to then give papers and pens. 

The next thing you have to do is to ask the questions and ask them to present their answers on the papers with the help of pictures or images. 

3.) Go backward 

Whenever you are confronted with a problem in your college or company, you must think about it from the first. You can think of where the problem actually started. It is just like checking your exam papers for spelling mistakes or other errors.

Thinking about the problem from the first will show you the mistakes and how to tackle them in the future. This method will reduce the chances of mistakes and you can work smoothly.

4.) Method of droodles 

This is one of the best methods to improve critical thinking skills. You can take paper and draw a line to show problem. Behind this line, you can draw 6 lines to represent the solutions for a single problem. 

In this way, you can think of new solutions to one problem. Besides that, every person will come with a creative idea. This method can be used in colleges, schools or offices.

5.) Try to find your biases

One of the most important tips to improve critical thinking skills is to understand your biases. Every person is biased toward something or a person. The biases can only be solved by challenging them. To survive in any field, it is necessary to accept the challenges and work removing the personal biases.

6.) Gain opinions of others  

One problem can have multiple solutions. But you cannot alone find them. To get better views and solutions, you must talk to other people around you in the school, college or office. This method will solve the problem faster and in a more effective manner.

7.) Listen to new speakers 

You can get solution anywhere. It is easy to find solutions to the problem by listening to educators, speakers and reading novels of famous authors. Besides that, you can read daily newspapers, eBooks, and magazines and listen to podcasts. These ways are becoming more popular among college and school students and working people. 


We all know that critical thinking is a much deeper concept than what you think. It cannot be enhanced or improved in few days or weeks. But, you can become a critical thinker from the moment you start to adopt these above-mentioned tips. 

To become a good critical thinker, it is necessary to understand the concept precisely. You can surround yourself with geniuses who have really succeeded in professional and personal life with critical thinking concepts. 

It is easy to find brilliant critical thinkers in offices, schools, or colleges.   

Veethee Dixit

Veethee Dixit

Veethee Dixit is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate writer by choice and profession. She has been a versatile web content writer throughout and has written content for various categories- academics, lifestyle, technology, entertainment, to name a few. She utilizes her writing skills as a means to spread awareness among people from different walks of life.

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