The Key to a job is not a recommendation from someone else or the market. It is believed to be a mixed combination of traits. The traits fix your position and play a crucial role in your selection.

We highly agree with this fact that different position requires a different trait. But some common traits must be inculcated by a candidate

These following traits are the essential factors for your job recommendation-

1.) Cognitive brain

Now, a-days the hiring managers do look for some specific skills and traits. They eventually require a candidate with cognitive skills. The cognitive skills mean that the candidate can carry out any given task from the simplest to complex form. Hiring managers judge the cognitive skills through how the candidate learns, solves the problem, takes help- etc. 

2.) Ability to tackle any project 

All most all the jobs around the world contain multitasking. The hiring manager looks for this multitasking skill in a candidate. Any project or assignment given to you must not appear unknown to you.

A candidate with the skills of multi-tasking will be selected earlier than the others. The potential ability of an employee or candidate to do a non-field topic attracts the hiring manager. This also provides you a professional appearance and could also help in the promotion in the future.


3.) Learning attitude

The potential qualities in the candidate to learn new things, to look beyond the workforce and never stop learning attitude are a trait that every candidate must have. This attitude makes you exceptional and depicts a positive, hard-working attitude towards others. It’s observed that great achievers are easily drawn by new thinking, mindset, new technologies, and trends.


4.) Analytical skills

Almost in every other company nowadays the respect for the degree has disappeared. Companies now rely on analytical skills instead of paper degrees. The main reason for this change is the requirement od practical implementation in the company.

It is observed that many companies all over the world that contain toppers from universities. But one must always understand that skills are what a hiring manager is looking for, not degrees.


5.) Leadership qualities

One of the essential traits to get a job is leadership qualities. Every interview at some pint of time hiring mangers gives the candidate a chance to show his leadership qualities. It’s as important as you need to convince the manager that you can easily take charge of a situation and react to the situation in the most productive way. If you depict Leadership qualities, then your probabilities of hiring increase.


Once you get a proper command of the above-acknowledged traits, then it’s sure that your possibilities for getting a job will increase.


Top 5 strengths that employers look for?


Strengths are one of the most critical factors that depict a person’s personality. That’s the reason why many hiring managers ask for listing the strengths in the interview. Strengths give a positive vibe to the person in the front, and this also helps the company to grow. The candidate worth the strongest strengths will surely lead the race of getting hired. 


The following are the Top 5 strengths that employers look for?


I. Communication skills

One of the most essential but uncommon strength’s observed in a candidate. The strong ability of an employee to communicate clearly and effectively pays an important role in getting new projects. Correspondingly the communication skills also include listening skills, the productive ability to follow directions, and providing feedback.


II. Honesty

One a lire always a lire this is the impression of a candidate in front of a hiring manager if he does not shows honesty. Honesty plays a key role in the company’s success. An honest candidate towards its work, its seniors, and other colleagues a vital role in the company grow. Thus honesty is the vital strength employees look for. 


III. Self-reliance

Hiring managers do not want to hire a candidate who requires handholding or praise to feel appreciated. The managers require candidates who motivate themselves and work effectively. A candidate who figures out himself what is needed to be done and does it. Everyone in the company appreciates good work from time to time. But it must not be a requirement to do the job. 

IV. Dependability

Almost every other hiring manager requires candidates who will work every day. They do not want to waste their time and money on the candidates who are irregular and late. They need a candidate upon whom they can depend and assign the task or a project. So a candidate must always make sure that he has the skill of dependability in him. 


V. Teamwork

You must have heard it before there is no “I” word in “TEAM.” Managers want a candidate who grows with fellow employees. This helps the company to not only generate one good employee but a few more good employees. Teamwork automatically makes a positive environment in the workplace that leads to growth. Therefore teamwork is the skill that managers look for in a candidate. 



What traits do employers want in their employees?


It’s not always the technical knowledge about the word, excel, PowerPoint that a company requires. Some soft skills play an important role in the recommendation of the candidate. Soft skills play a vital role in gaining hiring managers’ attention. Therefore we have acknowledged the top 3 traits that employers want in their employees.


These are the following traits that employers want in their employees –


  • Integrity

It is observed that the integrity of the candidate plays a vital role in its job achievement. Integrity is defined by treating others well, with honesty, fairness, and respect showing respect towards companies’ property and time also include in this. A candidate can always depict integrity by talking about the time when you took though ethical decisions. That played an essential role in your project results.


  • Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is an outstanding quality that entry-level job seekers require. It is observed that respect entails are potentially able to work effectively with colleagues. Employers tend to create a collaborative environment. Because a company includes employees with a different generation. Thus respecting others is the crucial trait that a candidate must have.


10 qualities you need to show in the job search

These are the following ten qualities you need to show in the job search –


1 Ambitious 

Ambitious employees are willing to go the extra mile when the company needs it or to make grow at the corporate ladder. An ambitious employee will not shrink from putting in the best because they set higher goals than their expectations. They also tend to grow more productively in their careers. Ambitious triggers openness and creative ideas that are useful for a company. 


2 Humble 

Nobody does like a candidate who boasts regarding their accomplishments and nor is the hiring manager. The more preferred candidate for a good employee is a candidate who is humble towards everyone. It is always recommended that a productive workplace should not have a strong employee. 

3 Passionate 

Every other employee requires a Passionate candidate. A candidate who’s is willing to do more than needed. No matter how difficult the task may be, the candidate must be committed to doing it. A person who is Passionate regarding the job will not feel like working.

The candidate will enjoy the work, and naturally, the best work will be provided by him. He also will be able to drive happiness within the co-workers and superiors. Though money is a motivating aspect, Passion is also a similar motivating aspect.


4 Positive

People hate to begin around with negative people. Just like the co-workers, any company would like to see a candidate who comes to work with a smile on his face. Positive behavior is contagious. There are some days at work where a tedious task may come. But a positive person can quickly call for a solution and assist in making the work more comfortable. 

5 Self-motivated

A self-motivated candidate does not require a push to do the job. They easily possess the stamina that is required to perform outstanding efficiently. The company doesn’t need worrying about slack as a self-motivated candidate is working for you. The motivated employee also fixes a pace and model that the other co-workers can want to follow. They rise effectively and deal effectively with failures and lose. 

6 Eager

People who arrive for work energetic every day always have the edge over those who are not enthusiastic. Eager employees are happy to learn new things that strive for success. They are always happy to produce a pleasant environment that eventually triggers new ideas and is unique and enjoyable to co-workers. 


7 Self-manager

Every company loves someone who is self-managed and doesn’t require to be told to do things. That employee is aware of the responsibility and the roles he has to play. He will not waste employers and company money and time. He is also punctual and does not procrastinate or takes unnecessary breaks

8 Detail-orientated

It is essential to pay attention to the details. Even a slight mistake could create a big issue and cause significant losses to the company. An employee who takes details seriously is the ones who are focused and dedicated to its work. They tend to put in extra effort on minor details. 

9 Creative

Companies require an employee with great ideas that grow with prosper. The employee should be the ones who are willing to try new things and think pout of the box. This helps the company to grow rapidly and improve the quality of its employees.

10 Marketable

A marketable employee means the candidate must be able to present the client quickly. He should be someone who can represent business impressively. So in additionally begin a well-groomed employee, he should be a favorable person. 


What are the 10 characteristics of a good employee?


Many candidates get rejected during the interview. One of the main reasons is they don’t know what the character of a good employee is? Even if the candidate gets selected after a few weeks of work, the candidate resigns and walks off the workplace. Because of a lack of appreciation from the company and co-workers 

 These are the following 10 characteristics of a good employee – 

  1. Organizational Skills
  2. Excellent Written Communication
  3. Intelligence
  4. Strong Work Ethic
  5. High Listening Skills
  6. Professional Attitude
  7. Modest
  8. Reflective
  9. Good Time Management Skills
  10. Stamina To Work



Q What makes an ideal employee?

 Ans: Results

An ideal employee, though, depicts all the qualities listed above. But one of the best qualities that an employee shows is results. High-intensity productive results are what make an ideal employee. Every company requires results above all other aspects. Because the result is what defines the company, at last, the company requires development every month. A happy growing company would provide an excellent environment for the employees, and thus, more productive results can be obtained.


Q How to answer tackling questions in the interview?

Ans: Questions are a standard part of an interview. An employee will be able to know a candidate based on the answers given to the question asked by him. Some of the common questions asked in an interview by the hiring manager are-

Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you, fresher?

And Why do I want this job?

The primary step that you must take when answering the questions is to listen & understand the question clearly. These type of questions are tricky and needs to be responded remarkably. Because every candidate asks these questions, and the candidates give common answers.

The second step is to give a truthfully & extra-ordinary answer. Don’t give a falsehood answer as the interviewer could easily find it with your expressions. The employer will eventually ask such sub-questions that will be co-related to these answers and will find that you gave an untruthful answer. 

The answer to this type of question should be confident and not learned or read from somewhere as companies require good truthful employees, not liars who depict a false personality in front of them. 


If you have any queries regarding “Essential traits to get desire job or any suggestion/s, please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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