Important Time Management Strategies for you


Any strategy that we implement is to make our work easier and productive. Similarly, time management strategies are a set of simple and easy-to-follow daily life changes that will make us function better, organized, and be more productive. Finding time management that works for you is important. It depends upon your ability to commit, follow, and practice the strategies every day in your life. By following the time management strategies that we discussed here, you can work on managing your Time efficiently.


What are the 15 Time Management Strategies?


Every individual is different. The strategies, techniques they use to solve their day to day activities vary drastically. But the emphasis has always been on the Time. You manage your Time efficiently; you get things done faster and productive. Keeping that in mind, we have shared with you about 15 time management strategies that are easy to follow. You can either take them as a whole or pick the ones that work for you. In the end, the strategy will help you manage the Time you have easily.


1. Start your day early


Develop the habit of waking up early in the morning. The human Mind-Body works efficiently during the early morning hours of 4 AM – 7 AM. Wake somewhere in-between, and you can see the difference visibly over Time. You can find a considerable amount of time in your hands. Get things done and plan for the day during these early hours. If not, try to spend the Time for yourself like morning walk or exercise. Instead, don’t waste your early-morning hours for unwanted distractions, and gadgets. Make the Time useful.


2. Keep your space Clean and Organized


It saves most of your time. Clean and organized living space, as well as workspace, will bring in a positive vibe to you. A clean desk will help you start your work at the office positively. Organize your daily accessories and necessities like the bag, cellphones, keys, etc., in one place. Next Time, you don’t have to waste time searching for them when you start.


3. Be aware of your Gadget Time


Step away from Gaming and Social Media. Gadgets take away your Time just like that. More productive things can be done if not for the Time spent on notifications, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Have a pause button. Don’t start your day and end your day with gadgets. Have a specific time of the day to check and spend time. By his way, you can save time as well as manage it. Controlling your gadget time is an effective time management strategy.


4. Active & Productive Time of the Day


Identify the Time of the day where you feel like you are more active and productive. Assign important tasks and the work to be done during those active hours. As a result, you will finish the work quickly, thereby saving Time in hand. By the way, you can use the spare time for other things.


5. Get your priorities straight


Be clear in your priorities. Understand and execute the important tasks in hand. Prioritizing the task or activity of yours helps you manage the Time effectively. Focusing on non-priorities can waste your time.


6. Focus on what is important right now


Every task or activity of yours has its importance/priority from you. Same way, it needs its own Time and resource to get it done. The trick lies in choosing the right Time, which is why the emphasis is on “important task in hand.” Follow this time management strategy. Focus on what is important right now. Identify the tasks that cannot wait. When finished, move on to the next task of yours. You get things done easily as well as manage the Time efficiently.


7. Practice Bullet Journaling – Have a To-Do List


Choose the right medium or tool for your planning. The bullet journaling technique is more like a checklist. It’s being preferred by a lot of people for its simple, clean, and effective use. Follow the bullet journal method to plan, prioritize, and schedule your work. The other preferences include To-Do Lists, Master To-Do lists, Daily checklists, online scheduling apps, E-Calendar apps, etc. People follow a variety of tools like this for executing their tasks. Choose the one that suits you. Simple tools like this can help you plan your tasks and manage the Time accordingly.


8. Be organized


Be it in your professional space or personal space, always be organized. It’s an important time management strategy. Keep everything around you organized, starting from placing your car keys. Staying organized saves time. Even if it is your emails, make them organized. Keep the primary important ones and separate the rest.


9. Don’t procrastinate


Procrastination beats time management. The strategies in time management will not work unless you stop procrastinating and get into action. Start small to overcome procrastination. Begin with easy works that require less Time if you tend to procrastinate.


10. Take personal breaks


Now and then take short personal breaks to refresh yourself. In the middle of your work, take time to boost your mental spirit through easy walks, food, music, a book, a good laugh, and the like. It gives an excellent refreshment to your senses. You can begin to work much better.


11. Get help when needed


It is a good way to manage Time by getting help when needed. You cannot always do everything every time. Get help when needed mainly because you get things are done quicker as well as manage Time better.


12. Don’t wait


Get your things done. Do not wait for someone or something to kick start your work. Plan your work, schedule how to do your work, and start doing it.


13. Have your deadline


Set your deadline, starting with simple tasks for a week. Try it and see how it has worked out so far. By having your timeline, you will begin to plan, prioritize, and execute the work quicker. The time management strategies will be adjusted depending upon your deadline. As a result, you will get things done earlier. Another advantage is, with the extra Time, you can revise the work you did or utilize it for your advantage.


14. Follow simple lifestyle routines


Starting from a good sleep and good food, follow good lifestyle routines! Simple lifestyle changes have a tremendous impact on our physical and mental health, so take care of it. Take your meals on Time or when hungry. Allocate 30-40 minutes early morning for your exercise routines. Follow your favorite hobby or pursue your passion. Simple things like this can have a good impact on managing your Time.


15. The 5D’s


The first one is Decline followed by the 4D’s of time management, namely Dump, Delegate, Defer, and Do.


Decline – Say ‘No’ when you know that you cannot do it. Juggling things can be useful. However, you can quickly go astray when it comes to time management. Accepting everything is not a good time management strategy. Take on the work that you have Time for. Take care of things that are important and necessary for you.  


Follow the 4D’s of Time management. It is a good way to begin implementing time management strategies in your daily life.


Dump unnecessary things and take care of important things first

Delegate the task when needed

Defer the tasks, but do not ignore it.

Do it. Execute the tasks in hand.


In Short


15 Time management strategies that we discussed through this article can help you with managing your Time efficiently. Make sure that you enjoy the work you do. Remember that none of the time management seems to work if you do not like and enjoy what you do. Use the time management strategies that suit you. It can be one or two or a whole. Make sure that at the end of the day, you feel relaxed, happy, and gain a sense of completing things.



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